NZOIA qualifications are recognised throughout NZ as the industry standard.

    We are the qualification body for ten outdoor activities or disciplines with three levels of qualification.


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    Regarded by employers throughout NZ
    as the benchmark of professionalism.

    NZOIA is the professional body for outdoor instructors, leaders and guides and has promoted excellence in outdoor leadership for 30+ years.


    Excellence in Outdoor Leadership

    Providing qualifications and training for New Zealand’s outdoor leaders
    through an internationally recognised assessment and registration body since 1987.



    Excellence in Outdoor Leadership!

    NZOIA is the qualification body for 9 outdoor disciplines. There are 3 levels to each qualification, which are recognised nationally as the industry standard. 

    NZOIA has developed outdoor instructing and guiding in New Zealand into a profession, through a commitment to training, standards, currency, and a code of conduct. Assessment, through formal peer review of instruction and guiding practices, has improved our way of working. We are responsible for promoting the highest standards of outdoor instruction and guiding, and striving to ensure that outdoor activity participants enjoy quality experiences.


    Course Fees

    Please refer to the course calendar for individual course pricing. *Course fees are for NZOIA Members only unless stated otherwise.

    Please also refer to our Course Fees Policy.

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    Course fee*

    Refresher Courses

    ($100 1/2 day)

    Training Courses

    Member: $415  
    ($215 1/2 day)
    Non-Member: $515  
    ($315 1/2 day)

    Assessment Courses:

    Leader Assessments:

    Abseil Leader
    Bush Walking Leader
    Canoe Leader
    Kayak Leader
    Sea Kayak Leader
    Rock Climbing Leader 

    Other Assessments:

    Artificial Whitewater 
    Climbing Wall Supervisor 
    Monitor Lead Climbing Endorsement (climbing wall)
    These assessments are run under the FREE RANGE ASSESSMENT MODEL.
    $150 plus any assessor fees and costs.
    This fee includes annual membership for new members. 
    Please contact an assessor directly to arrange an assessment and their fee. 
    Find an assessor here.

    1 Day Assessments

    Sport Climbing Endorsement
    Sea Kayak 1 Upgrade
    Multisport Kayak Endorsement


    2 Day Assessments 

    Kayak 2 - Class 3 River Mgmt
    Kayak 2 - Skills Instruction



    2 Day Assessments (plus evening session)

    Cave 1
    Mountain Bike 1
    Rock 1
    Sport Climbing Instructor


    3 Day Assessments

    Kayak 1
    Multisport Kayak Instructor
    Sea Kayak 1 & 2


    3 Day Assessments (plus evening session)

    Alpine 1
    Bush 1 & 2                     
    Canoe 1
    Cave 2
    Canyon 1 & 2
    Mountain Bike 2 
    Rock 2


    4 Day Assessments

    Kayak 2



    4 Day Assessments (plus evening session)

    Alpine 2                      



    Assessor Fees

    Assessor fees for deferments are negotiated and paid directly to the assessor. Expenses may include travel and accommodation etc.

    Half day 
    (under 4 hrs contact)

    Upwards of $185 + expenses

    Full day 
    (under 8 hrs contact)

    Upwards of $375 + expenses

    ALL deferments will incur an administration fee of $50.


    Please note: candidates have additional costs associated with transport to and from the course and during the course; food and accommodation (including hut fees).

    The course fees that NZOIA charges cover less than half the cost to run the qualification scheme. 
    This includes: 

    • Assessors fees, and expenses of travel to the venue, food and accommodation
    • Organisational and administrative costs related to the qualification scheme
    • Operational costs of the Technical Sub Committee - the group responsible for monitoring, developing and managing the qualification scheme
    • Assessor Training and Moderation

    Currently NZOIA absorbs over 50% of the course scheme costs. This is achieved through significant effort being invested by the board and staff to reduce costs and access funding from organisations such as Sport NZ.

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