NZOIA qualifications are recognised throughout NZ as the industry standard.

    We are the qualification body for ten outdoor activities or disciplines with three levels of qualification.


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    Regarded by employers throughout NZ
    as the benchmark of professionalism.

    NZOIA is the professional body for outdoor instructors, leaders and guides and has promoted excellence in outdoor leadership for 30+ years.


    Excellence in Outdoor Leadership

    Providing qualifications and training for New Zealand’s outdoor leaders
    through an internationally recognised assessment and registration body since 1987.



    Excellence in Outdoor Leadership!

    NZOIA is the qualification body for 9 outdoor disciplines. There are 3 levels to each qualification, which are recognised nationally as the industry standard. 

    NZOIA has developed outdoor instructing and guiding in New Zealand into a profession, through a commitment to training, standards, currency, and a code of conduct. Assessment, through formal peer review of instruction and guiding practices, has improved our way of working. We are responsible for promoting the highest standards of outdoor instruction and guiding, and striving to ensure that outdoor activity participants enjoy quality experiences.


    Appeal and grievance process

    Step 1:  Raise your concern with the Course Director on the assessment

    If the issue is unresolved go to step 2


    Step 2:  Write a formal letter to the Technical Sub Committee (TSC) Convener

    State your case to the TSC Convener.  Include the assessment discipline, date and location attended, the decision, and why it should be changed.  Send this in an attachment to an email addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    An appeal cannot be lodged earlier than 3 weeks following the end date of the assessment and no longer than 90 days after the end date of the assessment.

    There is a $100 administration fee for this request.  You will be sent an invoice and your appeal will begin once this invoice is paid (within the 90 days).

    Step 3:  The TSC will appoint an experienced assessor to investigate the appeal

    An impartial and experienced assessor will review the documentation and interview the assessors and complainant.  They may also choose to interview the candidates, model students and any other person that the complainant may request as having supporting evidence.

    The investigating assessor will present their report and recommendation to the TSC.

    Step 4:  The TSC meets to make a final decision

    The TSC will make a decision based on the findings and inform the complainant of the outcome.  This will include a version of the report.

    Once an appeal has been lodged the TSC will make a decision within 3 months of receiving the appeal letter.

    Once the TSC has made a decision the complainant can take no further action against the assessment outcome.

    Note: If a decision is reversed on appeal, the appeal fee will be refunded.

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