NZOIA qualifications are recognised throughout NZ as the industry standard.

    We are the qualification body for ten outdoor activities or disciplines with three levels of qualification.


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    Regarded by employers throughout NZ
    as the benchmark of professionalism.

    NZOIA is the professional body for outdoor instructors, leaders and guides and has promoted excellence in outdoor leadership for 30+ years.


    Excellence in Outdoor Leadership

    Providing qualifications and training for New Zealand’s outdoor leaders
    through an internationally recognised assessment and registration body since 1987.



    Excellence in Outdoor Leadership!

    NZOIA is the qualification body for 9 outdoor disciplines. There are 3 levels to each qualification, which are recognised nationally as the industry standard. 

    NZOIA has developed outdoor instructing and guiding in New Zealand into a profession, through a commitment to training, standards, currency, and a code of conduct. Assessment, through formal peer review of instruction and guiding practices, has improved our way of working. We are responsible for promoting the highest standards of outdoor instruction and guiding, and striving to ensure that outdoor activity participants enjoy quality experiences.


    Refresher Workshops

    The fees for these are included as part of the Symposium Registration Fee, however you will need to submit a separate application online, through the NZOIA course calendar to attend. This is because these courses require extra documentation such as a summary sheet, first aid certificate, logbook etc. It also allows the assessor to have access to your application via the NZOIA website and groups together all the health information for a particular workshop.

    There are limited places available for Refresher Workshops and full symposium attendees will have priority. The workshops have been added to the course calendar. Please remember that you need to make payment to secure your place as it is first in first served.

    How to secure your place on a Refresher Workshop

    - Log in to your NZOIA profile
    - Go to the course calendar
    - Find the Workshop you want (look for 'NZOIA Symposium)
    - Click the apply button - Upload applicable documents and fill out the risk disclosure
    - When you get to the payment screen: 

    if you are attending the Symposium and have paid, select 'ALREADY PAID', we will then match your refresher application up with your Symposium fee.

    if you are only attending a Refresher Workshop, and not the Symposium then you may continue to pay by credit card from the application page. Please note: Priority of place is given to Symposium Attendees.


    Overview of Symposium Refresher Workshops

    Friday 18 October 2019

    Bush Walking Leader | Bush 1 | Rock 1 & SCE | Rock 2 | Alpine 1 | Alpine 2 | Cave 1 & 2 | Kayak 2

    Saturday 19 October 2019

    Bush 1 | Bush 2 | Abseil Leader | Rock Climbing Leader | Rock 1 & SCE | Canoe | Kayak Leader & Kayak Flatwater | Kayak 1 |  Canyon 1 & 2 | Sea Kayak Leader, Guide, 1 & 2

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