Free Range Refreshers

    Free Range Refreshers are offered for all NZOIA qualifications where revalidation is required.

    A Free Range Refresher is when the candidate/s liaise directly with a NZOIA Assessor. The candidate negotiates the fee, time and location with the assessor.  This provides the candidate with flexibility to have a Refresher at a convenient time and place.  It can significantly reduce the costs of the candidate travelling to an NZOIA calendared course.

    What is the difference between a Refresher Workshop and an Assessor Sign-Off?

    The concept behind the Refresher Workshop is to get a group of people together from a variety of work environments to demonstrate their skills and share their ideas.  In this way we can ensure they are current and there is professional development occurring as they learn tips and tricks from each other.  Refresher Workshops must be attended every second revalidation cycle (i.e. every six years for most qualifications).

    An Assessor sign-off can be on a one to one basis and can occur in the work place or during a shared recreational event.  It is an informal check by an assessor that the qualification holder is working at the current standard.  There may or may not be a payment negotiated with the assessor.

    The Technical Sub Committee sees the benefit of assessors being able to run Free Range Refresher Workshops as well as Assessor sign-offs.  This provides more opportunity for members to complete their revalidation requirements and can bring the cost down if there are enough attendees. 

    To make it a Refresher Workshop there needs to be a minimum of three people attending, and they must be from at least two different workplaces.

    There are still administrative and assessor pool costs to NZOIA which will need to be meet.  Each member will need to pay a $50 fee to NZOIA as well as the fee negotiated with the assessor.

    The Process

    • Get some people together. There needs to be a minimum of three people attending, and they must be from at least two different workplaces for Refresher Workshop.
    • Decide on some dates. Have a couple of back-up options in case that doesn’t work for the assessor. Keep in mind that NZOIA needs at least one month notice that a Refresher Workshop is taking place.
    • Contact an Assessor to negotiate date, location and fee. Ask whether they will include the $50 NZOIA candidate fee in their fees or whether they want you to pay it separately to NZOIA.
    • Tell NZOIA: Assessor, candidates, date, location. The assessor can complete this part for you, just make sure they know that they are doing it!
    • Pre-requisites: You will need to upload a current first aid certificate on to your NZOIA profile. The Assessor will need to view your log book.
    • Attend the workshop (Yay)
    • Reporting: The Assessor will complete the reporting requirements and then NZOIA will process the results.

    Assessor Search

    A list of our Assessors’ can be found on our website under the ‘Assessor Search’. Click on their name for further details.

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