Frequently Asked Questions

    My Membership Profile

    - Can you send me my login details?
    - How do I edit my details on my membership profile?
    - Can I renew my membership early? (i.e. before 1 July 2020) 
    - I am a full time student, how do I access my Student Discount? 


    NZOIA Events (Assessments/ Refresher Workshop/ Training/ Symposium)

    - How do I upload my assessment documents?
    - Where can I find the NZOIA summary sheet for my assessment?
    - Is there anyone else going to 'X' event/course I can car pool with?
    - How do I become a NZOIA assessor?
    - Can you send me the forms I need to revalidate?
    - When is the next Bush 1/Rock 2/ Kayak Leader Assessment going to be?
    - What is the difference between Refresher and Revalidation and Registration?
    - Can I be a model client on 'X' assessment? 
    - Can I organise a custom event? None of the courses on the calendar suit me.  
    - Can you give me a more specific location for XXXX course? 
    - Can I sit a NZOIA 2 Qualification Assessment if I don't have a current NZOIA 1 qualification in that discipline?
    - Are there any other ways to do an Assessment?  What is a Free Range Assessment? 
    - I've signed up for a course and paid for a new membership, but then the course was cancelled. Do I get refunded the course fee and the membership?


    - How do I advertise a job on the NZOIA website? 

    My Membership Profile 

    Can you send me my login details?

    If you have forgotten your login details, you can access these from the home page on our website. Below the login boxes there are 'Forgot Password?' and 'Forgot Username?' options.  The only thing you need to know is what email address you have registered with NZOIA.
    Username: This is the same as your login name from the old site. It is not your first name, last name or any combination thereof unless this is what you have set it to.
    Password: Due to our increased security measures with the new website, NZOIA can no longer provide you with your password. You will need to use the 'Forgot Password' option.

    To change your Username and/or Password, you can do so after you have logged in - just head to 'Your Dashboard' then 'Edit User Profile'.

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    How do I edit my details on my membership profile?

    Keeping your personal details up-to-date helps us ensure your mail goes to the right place and that we can get in touch when we need to provide important information to our members.

    To change your contact details:

    • Log in to your NZOIA member profile.
    • Select 'Dashboard' from the Members tab
    • Click 'Update Profile' button.
    • Change your details and select 'save' at the bottom of the screen.

    To change your password:

    • Select 'Edit Login Details' from Members tab.

    At this stage members are unable to change their username.

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    How do I upload my first aid certificate?

    As part of your membership profile you can upload your first aid certificate. If you do this every time you renew your certificate, it will always be up to date! This means that whenever you apply for a course, your first aid certificate will always be on file and easily accessible to both you and NZOIA Office staff.
    - You will need to have an electronic copy already saved on your computer (or usb drive etc).
    - Log in to your NZOIA member profile.
    - Select 'Your Dashboard'  
    - In the centre of the screen there is an 'Upload First Aid Cert' button. Click it.
    - Select either 'Upload' or 'Replace' if you already have one on file. This will take you to a file upload screen where you can select 'Choose file' to browse the contents of your computer and select the correct document. Click 'Open', then 'Upload'.
    - Once you have completed this it will send an automatic email to NZOIA to let us know.

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    Can I renew my membership early? (i.e. Prior to the 1st July 2020)

    Yes, you sure can! You can renew from the 1st April prior to a membership year. Renewing early means that we can get your new membership card to you before the start of the new membership year.
    To renew your membership before 1st July:
    - Log in to your NZOIA member profile by entering your username and password in the top right of the screen.
    - Select 'Your Dashboard' (just below where you have logged in)
    - On this page there will be a table, on the top left there will be a box that says 'My Membership', in small text at the bottom of the box will be a link that says 'Renew Membership'.
    - Complete the details, agree to the terms and conditions, then choose your payment method. Easy as!

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    I am a full time student, how do I activate my student discount?

    If you are a full time student then you are entitled to a $60 discount off your full membership fee - this does not apply to Associate or Leader Membership Fees.
    To activate this discount when renewing your membership:
    - Log in to your NZOIA member profile by entering your username and password in the top right of the screen. 
    - Select 'Renew' button.
    - Follow the instructions - this will include uploading a scanned copy of your student id/proof of full time student status. Please note, discount is for FULL TIME students, NZOIA may ask for proof of full time study (such as a transcript of your papers or letter from a lecturer/the institute of study before approving your membership)

    - You can either pay via credit card, or if paying by internet banking select Already Paid. Then open your internet banking and pay $160.

    Your renewal invoice sent by NZOIA for your fees, it will not automatically include your student discount, this is because we need to approve your student status every year. We are happy to adjust the invoice and resend once you submit proof of student status to us.  

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    My Qualifications     

    Where do I find the Scope and Syllabus documents?

    The Scope and Syllabus documents can be found on the Qualifications page by clicking the applicable image to the right of the main text body. Or hover over qualifications in the dropdown menu and a second menu will pop out to the right listing the specific qualifications.

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    How do I put my qualifications on hold?

    You can put your qualifications on hold if you are temporarily not using them. To find out how to do this, check out Putting Qualifications on Hold on the Revalidation page

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    How do I find out when my qualifications are due for revalidation?

    • Log in to your NZOIA member profile.
    • From the 'Members' menu, select 'My Qualifications' 
    • The 'expiry date' of your qualification is the date that you need to complete a Revalidation by.

    Most qualifications are due for revalidation on the 30th June every three years to align with our annual membership year. 
    If your qualification expires on the 30th June 20XX, you can enrol and pay for a Refresher Workshop that takes place prior to 31st December of the same year, and we will then extend your qualification expiry date to the end of the year. This way you have shown us that you are committed to revalidation and your qualification will remain active until that date. 

    If you choose not to revalidate, your qualification will remain on your profile (but not active) for up to one year past the expiry date, then it will lapse (i.e. you will need to resit the qualification).
    Other options for revalidating include an assessor sign-off, attending an NZOIA training course for a higher qualification or passing as assessment for a higher qualification in the same discipline. Click here more info

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    How do I upload my assessment documents?

    There are two ways to upload your assessment documents.
    1. Follow the same instructions in How do I upload my first aid certifcate? above. You can do this without actually applying for an assessment.
    2. Apply for an assessment. Then   
           - Select 'Your Dashboard' - this will bring up a blue menu down the right hand side of the page.   
           - From this menu, select 'My Course Applications'.   
           - Select the course you want to upload documents for. From here you will be able to browse the contents of your computer and upload the applicable documents.

    TIP: No access to a scanner? If you have an iPhone or Android you can use app's such as Genius Scan (iPhone) & CamScanner (Android) to scan documents and create PDF files. You can then send these to your email address and save the files to your computer.

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    Why are there no qualifications listed on my membership card?

    It's highly likely that your qualifications have expired and are due for revalidation.  Check the currency of your qualifications on your membership profile.  Alternatively you may have committed to a revalidation event and we have extended your qualification for 6 months to the 31 December to cover you during this period.  This extension will appear on our public website for employers and auditors to see, it will not appear on your membership card.  Once your qualification is revalidated you can request to have a new membership card sent out for a processing fee of $10.00.

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    How can I get the River Rescue Course prerequisite?

    You can find out all the information here.


    NZOIA Events (Assessments/ Refresher Workshop/ Training/ Symposium)

    Where can I find the NZOIA summary sheet for my assessment?

    The NZOIA summary sheets for all assessments can be found here. A summary sheet is required for Assessment and Training applications. These allow us to see how many days you have logged and whether you meet the pre-requsite requirements.

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    Is there anyone else going to 'X' event/course I can car pool with?

    When an event/course has been confirmed, you will receive a Pre-Course Information letter. This letter lists the names and contact details of the other candidates should you wish to arrange carpooling, gear etc. Alternatively, check out our Facebook page. NZOIA has a Facebook page for the use of our members. It would be the ideal place to suggest car-pooling to events such as the Symposium to keep costs down and save on energy consumption. CLICK HERE to go to our page.

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    How do I become an assessor?

    There are two ways to become an NZOIA assessor.

    1. Apply to NZOIA if you are in a workplace that has a demand for running Leader qualifications.  You will need to request application forms from the Programme & Membership Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    2. If NZOIA has a need and advertises for assessors in a particular discipline, level or location.

    There are a lot of keen and capable people in the industry who would like to become an assessor to move along their professional pathway. We would love to be able to provide spaces for all these people; unfortunately we do not always have a demand for more assessors.
    It is important that the assessor pool is kept to an adequate number that can be kept current by running assessments on a regular basis. If we increase the assessor pool too much we cannot provide enough events for each assessor to run.

    Read more information here.

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    Can you send me the forms I need to revalidate?

    These forms can be found here

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    What is the difference between Refresher and Revalidation AND Registration?

    Please refer to the Revalidation and Registration page

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    When is the next Bush 2/ Rock 1/ Kayak Leader assessment coming up?

    All our assessments, refresher workshops and trainings can be viewed on the course calendar. You can view them by specific course type by hovering over the 'course calendar' in the Qualifications/Courses menu, or you can view ALL our courses by clicking on the word 'course calendar'. You can then sort by name, type, start date, closing date and location. In the office, we would do the same thing as above so you may as well cut out the middleman!

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    Can I be a model client on 'X' assessment?

    NZOIA assessments are a wonderful opportunity for groups to participate as 'model clients' for our assessees. 'Model clients' are required for a day of instruction on all levels of assesment (Leader, NZOIA 1, NZOIA 2).  Model clients are an imperative part of NZOIA assessments and we work hard to try and get a suitable group – we don't want to compromise the assessment for the candidates, and we also want the model clients to have a great time (it makes it a lot easier to fulfil model client requirements if they want to come back!) Because NZOIA assessments aren't confirmed until 6 weeks out from the assessment date it can be a juggle to get the right mix of committed model clients, so once you say that you will attend an event your committment is appreciated. We aim to get different types of people for each level of assessment.

    NZOIA Leader: Entry level model clients i.e. Have had no (or very little) experience in the activity.

    NZOIA 1: Beginner level model clients. Usually have had little experience in the activity, however this varies for each discipline (e.g. Rock 1 they can have NO experience however for Kayak 1 they should have some basic flatwater kayak skills). If you are someone who is looking to sit an NZOIA 1 qualification in the near future then you should be looking at participating as a NZOIA 2 model client.

    NZOIA 2: If you have a reasonable amount of experience in an activity and would like to sit a NZOIA 1 qualification in the future then this is the model client level you should be participating at, and it will be of most benefit to you.

    For Leader and NZOIA 1 assessments it is ideal to communicate with a group coordinator (e.g. a Girl Guide Leader, Scout Leader, Home School Coordinator, School teacher) that will oversee the communication with the rest of the group. Students will also need to be accompanied by an adult representative on the day (someone who is responsible for seeing them arrive and depart safely).  For NZOIA 2, we are happy to liase at an individual level as there are usually less people involved.

    If you would like to be a model client, or know of a group that might be interested then contact the Assessment Coordinator – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you are an individual looking at participating on a NZOIA 2 assessment then check out the assessment calendar and let us know what assessments you would be interested in.

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    Can I organise a custom event?

    There are lots of reasons why it is great to attend a calendar/scheduled event such as:
    - varied participants = great cross-pollination of ideas and learning outcomes
    - increased likelihood of getting appropriate model student numbers as the calendar is also advertised to model client providers
    - less administration time (less for NZOIA and less for you! You need to be organised well in advance to arrange a custom designed assessment)
    - custom events generally cost more and this cost is passed onto the candidates

    However, we understand that sometimes the calendar events just don't work for people due to other committments. 

    If you want to arrange a custom designed course, you need to:
    - Get three or more committed people together and select a date that you can do the course. It is best if you have alternative dates as well.

    - Email a course request to NZOIA with all the details (list of names, proposed dates, location). This needs to be a minimum of 3 months in advance of the proposed date (yes - it takes that long!)
    - All candidates will need to be members of NZOIA and pay the course fee prior to NZOIA making any arrangements for the course.
    - NZOIA will create the course and upload to the course calendar. 
    - NZOIA will set a date that all candidates must have completed their application, once this is done the course will be confirmed.
    - Depending on the course, it may be opened up to the public to fill any extra spaces.

    NB: Custom designed courses are dependent on being able to find an assessor and model students for the dates that you request.
    Custom designed course costs vary. NZOIA will make every effort to keep costs down for candidates, however items such as assessor travel are likely to be charged on to the participants. 

    How can I help the custom designed course process?
    - Join as members asap if you are not already (sometimes the membership process can take a couple of days, particularly if your organisation is paying for your membership and we have to wait for payment). 
    - Start getting your pre-requisite documents together asap so that they are ready to go when the course is uploaded. Pre-requisite requirements can be found on the Syllabus documents under the Our Qualifications tab for each discipline. Alternatively, you click on the same course name in the course calendar. These requirements should be saved as electronic files on your computer ready to be uploaded (e.g. First Aid Cert - scan your first aid cert and save a file to your computer).
    - Ensure that all candidates are prompt with payment and application
    - If you know a group of people that would make great model clients or if you can arrange the model students then let us know.
    - If you have access to specialist gear that might be needed for the model students then let us know (e.g. Sea Kayaks and Trailer for a Sea Kayak assessment)

    Facebook Icon  Looking for more people for your custom event? Use the NZOIA facebook page as a forum to connect with others who are looking to do the same thing!

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    Can you give me a more specific location for XXXX course?

    The locations given on our calendar are very generic - Upper, Central and Lower North / South Island. Sometime we will get a little more specific and let you know the region - Canterbury, Nelson/Tasman, Auckland etc. However we do not give a specific location when advertising them on our calendar, this is for a number of reasons:
    - Location may be variable on group size. Some venues are fantastic, but only suitable for smaller groups.
    - It may be dependent on where the assessor is based.
    - Venue availablility. 

    The final decision in regards to location is made by the assessor running the course and will be given to the candidates 4-6 weeks prior to the course. 

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    Can I sit a NZOIA 2 Assessment if I don't have a current NZOIA 1 qualification in that discipline?

    Please see our prerequisite exemption policy here

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    Are there any other ways to do an Assessment? What is a Free Range Assessment?

    There are two assessment models:
    1. Applying for a Scheduled Assessment through the NZOIA Course Calendar 
    2. Arranging a Free Range Assessment 

    Check out the Assessment Information page under 'How do I apply to be assessed?' for more details.


    I've signed up for a course and paid for a new membership, but then the course was cancelled. Do I get refunded the course fee and the membership? 

    Yes.  If we cancel a course you have enrolled on, and you paid for a new membership at the same time, we will refund you both if you wish. Hopefully though, we will be able to transfer you to the next available course. There are great benefits to staying on as an NZOIA member too. You will keep up to date with happenings in the outdoor industry through our Quarterly magazine and weekly 4YA email newsletter, have access to the job board, get discounts on publications and products that NZOIA stock, and discounted training courses to name just a few.

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    Who provides River Rescue Courses?

    A list of organisations/people who can provide River Rescue courses can be found here.





    How do I advertise a job on the NZOIA website?

    Both Full and Associate members can advertise a job on the NZOIA website.
    The best way to do this is:

    • Login to your NZOIA member profile
    • Select Add Job' from the Members tab on the right
    • Enter the details of the job and select 'Save'

    This will not display immediately. NZOIA will review your entry, when it is approved it will be visible in the Jobs' Board. If you have extra documents to attach you may submit these to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can do this for you. Give us clear instructions that you have already set up the job and that these are accompanying attachments.

    Using the above method is quickest and advertisments will usually be approved within 2-3 business days.

    Non-members can advertise on the job board, however they will need to submit details (Job Name, Company, Location, Listing Expiry, Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Phone, Website & Job Description) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Non-members will not be able to view the advertisement as our job board is open to members only.

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