Are you ready to get qualified?!
    To gain a NZOIA qualification, you need to attend and pass an assessment.
    Check out the information below to ensure you are well prepared for a successful outcome.
    What to expect

    NZOIA assessments are designed to give candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills both personally and professionally as an instructor or guide.

    Assessors strive to create a non-threatening environment where communication is open and the process is transparent. We aim for assessments to be a positive learning experience. Assessments are a great way to see where you are at with regards to industry good practice and are opportunities to learn from other instructors and guides.

    Assessments range from 1 - 4 days depending on the discipline. About half this time is spent working with model clients. You can expect to have up to eight candidates on your assessment and at least one Assessor to every four candidates.

    Assessments can involve long and intense days. Be wary of going into an assessment fatigued and plan some downtime following an assessment. Please do not drive home tired.

    Read the Assessment process below for more detail.

    Prerequisites & Logbooks
    How to apply
    Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)
    Assessment preparation and training
    Assessment process
    Model Clients
    Qualification Registration and Currency
    Alpine 2 Assessment. Photo credit: Andy Fullerton
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