NZOIA Course Fees

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    Refresher Workshops & Training Courses

    Course Fee  (GST incl.)

    Refresher Workshops


    ($115 1/2 day)

    Training Courses


    ($245 1 day)


    Assessment Fee

    Leader Assessments:

    Abseil Leader

    Bush Leader

    Canoe Leader

    Canyon Leader

    Cave Leader

    Kayak Leader

    Mountain Bike Leader

    Rock Leader

    Sea Kayak Leader


    Other Assessments:

    Artificial Whitewater 

    Climbing Wall Supervisor (CWS) 

    CWS: Monitor Lead Endorsement

    These assessments are run under the

    Free Range Assessment Model

    $150 plus any Assessor fees and expenses.

    Please contact an Assessor directly to arrange an assessment and their fee. 

    Find an Assessor here.

    You are required to be a Registered Member to attend a Free Range Assessment (or be listed under a NZOIA Affiliated or NZOIA Climbing Wall Membership).

    1 Day Assessments (land based 1:4 ratio)
    Sport Climbing Endorsement


    1 Day Assessments (water based 1:3 ratio)
    Canoe 1 Upgrade
    Sea Kayak - Instructor Endorsement
    Multisport Kayak Endorsement


    Overnight Assessment (Midday to Midday)
    Overnight Endorsement


    2 Day Assessments (land based 1:4 ratio plus evening session)
    Cave 1
    Mountain Bike 1
    Rock 1
    Sport Climbing


    2 Day Assessments (water based 1:3 ratio)
    Kayak 2 Upgrade
    Sea Kayak Guide


    2 Day Assessments (water based 1:3 ratio plus evening session)
    Canoe Guide


    3 Day Assessments (land based 1:4 ratio plus evening session)
    Bush 1
    Canyon 1


    3 Day Assessments (water based and NZOIA 2 1:3 ratio)
    Kayak 1 & 2
    Multisport Kayak
    Sea Kayak 1 & 2
    Mountain Bike 2


    3 Day Assessments (water based and NZOIA 2 1:3 ratio plus evening session)
    Canoe 1
    Bush 2
    Cave 2
    Canyon 2
    Rock 2


    4 Day Assessments (1:4 ratio plus evening session)
    Alpine 1


    6 Day Assessments (NZOIA 2 1:3 ratio plus evening session)
    Alpine 2



    Half Day

    Full Day

    All reassessment result processing will incur a $50 admin fee

    Assessor Fees

    Assessor fees for reassessments are negotiated and paid directly to the Assessor. Expenses may include travel and accommodation etc.

    Upwards of $200 + expenses

    (Under 4 hrs contact)

    Upwards of $375 + expenses

    (Under 8 hrs contact)

    Please note: Candidates have additional costs associated with transport to and from the course and during the course; food and accommodation (including hut fees).

    The course fees that NZOIA charges cover less than half the cost to run the qualification scheme. 
    This includes: 

    • Assessor fees and expenses; travel to venue, food and accommodation
    • Organisational and administrative costs related to the qualification scheme
    • Operational costs of the Technical Sub Committee - the group responsible for monitoring, developing and managing the qualification scheme
    • Assessor Training and Moderation

    Currently NZOIA absorbs over 50% of the course costs. This is achieved through significant effort being invested by the board and staff to reduce costs and access funding from organisations such as Sport NZ.

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