NZOIA Membership and Qualification Registration

    Terms and Conditions

    All Members:

    Registered Members & Team Members:

    I agree to maintain the currency of my qualification/s* by:

    • Maintaining membership of NZOIA and registering my qualifications annually (or being listed as a Team Member under a NZOIA Affiliated Member organisation).
    • Maintaining a current first aid certificate for outdoor work.
    • Revalidating qualifications on a four yearly cycle (see: Revalidation).
    • Engaging in work, personal recreation or contact with other professionals that contributes to my currency as an instructor/guide.
    • Logging personal, instructional/guiding experience and professional development.
    • Notifying the NZOIA office should my circumstances change (medical/criminal/other) that may impact on my suitability as an outdoor instructor/guide in the discipline qualifications are held.
    • I agree to my name, qualifications and contact details being included in the ‘instructor search’ on the NZOIA website. (Please contact the NZOIA office if you wish to be unlisted: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    * This does not apply to qualifications that have been placed on hold.

    Discounted NZOIA Membership:

    • Student discount on Registered Membership is only eligible for Full time students studying in New Zealand. Student ID and course details must be submitted annually to qualify for the discount.

    Affiliated Membership:

    The organisation is the Affiliated Member of NZOIA. Registered Team Members are listed on the organisations profile. Affiliated Members must ensure when staff depart, they receive information about revalidating their qualification and renewing membership if they wish to retain their qualification. 

    Leader and Climbing Wall qualifications are the only level that can be obtained and registered under an Affiliated Membership and is for instructors/guides who are working without direct supervision within a defined operational area and under an activity and site specific risk management plan.  Instructors/guides with NZOIA 1 qualifications and above need to be individual Registered members.


    Membership Fees Policy

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