Our Kaupapa

    Te Reo Māori

    is a taonga that allows us to understand and interact with te ao Māori. 

    We will endeavor to include te reo Māori in all aspects of our communication.


    is about relationships and connections which are created through shared experiences and working together. 

    We will make every effort to ensure there is a sense of belonging for all.


    is the reciprocity of the teaching and learning relationship. 

    We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning space for all.


    is the guardianship and protection of place. 

    This requires us all to nurture, preserve and enrich the environment in which we engage.


    is to uplift one’s mana by showing respect, generosity and kindness.  

    We are committed to providing positive experiences for all, no matter the outcome.


    is providing and growing expertise through the pursuit of excellence. 

    We will enhance skills by providing opportunities for everyone to progress.

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