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    NZOIA offers training courses for instructors who are preparing for an assessment. These courses are run with low ratios by assessors.

    Who are the courses for?

    Instructor/Guide training courses are designed for people who have already developed their personal skills in a particular activity, have begun leading and instructing others under supervision, and who wish to qualify as NZOIA instructors. Your technical skills and experience should be close to the standard expected on assessment. The requirements are detailed in each qualification syllabus and assessment guide. 

    The training course will go through the major elements required on assessment. They should help you identify any gaps before you attend the assessment. You should aim to complete your assessment within 3 to 12 months of a training course.

    NZOIA Training courses are discounted for members, however you may apply for a training course if you are not a member of NZOIA. You will need to use this form, click here, and submit your application (including summary sheet, risk disclosure and logbook) by post or email.

    Before applying to attend an NZOIA training course, you should read the syllabus - find this in the qualifications section of the website.


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    From 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 NZOIA is offering a Training and Assessment package. For more details click here.


    Do you need to do a refresher?

    Perhaps you’re an existing qualification holder and you’ve not instructed in a particular discipline for some time or it’s a long time since someone reviewed your skills? If this is the case, you can:

    • Treat a training course as a refresher or update to ensure you’re working to current, accepted practice.
    • If the training course is for the level above your current qualification you can use this to count towards your qualification revalidation. (e.g. If you are a Bush 1 holder, you can attend a Bush 2 training to revalidate your Bush 1 qualification)


    To apply to attend a training course, please send NZOIA the following:

    • Training Course Application and Summary Sheet/s outlining your instructional and personal experience in relation to the course.
      The course fee

    Applications normally close six weeks before a course. If places are still available after closing date, a late application may be accepted.

    Places are allocated on a first-in (with completed application form, summary sheets, and course fee) first-accepted basis.


    Ideally there should be a period of several months between training and assessment. This allows you time to work on any gaps that have been highlighted by the training course. It is NZOIA policy that you cannot be trained and assessed by the same person within a 6 week period. Because of this, booking training and assessment within a 6 week period is not recommended and may lead to disappointment. Please plan ahead to allow for this as NZOIA is unable to confirm who will be a trainer or assessor until after the application closing date.

    Do you require a customised course?

    If you have specific training needs or require a course for your staff on a particular date or location, we’ll be happy to put something together for you. The cost will be similar to our advertised courses unless instructor travel costs are high. We’ll be pleased to quote, please contact the Programme and Membership Manager for assistance.

    Assessment preparation and training

    Nearly every person who attends an assessment course acknowledges the value of training. Not only does it help improve the quality of your instruction, but it will also ensure an assessment is a positive experience that results in a pass. You don’t want to attend an assessment course and not pass!

    Training tips

    • Attend training courses.
    • Take friends out as model students and ask for feedback.
    • Link with other instructors and guides in your region and arrange peer training sessions.
    • Review the syllabuses closely.
    • Contact others who’ve been on assessments and ask for advice.
    • Contact the Programme and Membership Manager with queries about the programmes or syllabuses This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Find mentor who will guide your development.
    • Read the relevant resources.

    Course fees

    Training course fees are listed in the Training calendar.

    All NZOIA courses are discounted for members. 

    There are set policies for payment and refund of fees, and for other costs.

    If you’re not already an NZOIA member you can join to access discounted training.

    Fees policies

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