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What Assessor do I need?

An assessment outcome can be one of the following – pass, deferment or fail. A deferment is when a candidate is below the minimum standard in a few of the competencies, and these can be reassessed in less than one day at a later date. If you need an assessor for a deferment assessment result, then select the deferment option.

Revalidation evaluates continuing professional development to assess whether a qualification holder is up to date with the current accepted industry standard. There are a number of options for revalidation – including an assessor sign-off (see: for more details). If you need an assessor that can run a Free Range Refresher Workshop, or do an assessor sign-off then select the Revalidation option.

NZOIA offers training courses for instructors who are preparing for an assessment. (see: for more details). If you need an assessor that can run a discipline specific training event, then select the Training option.

Free Range Assessment
At the leader level of qualifications, assessors may run ‘free-range’ assessments. I.e. Assessors may liaise with and work directly with clients, rather than using NZOIA to organize the assessment.
If you need an assessor to run a Free Range Assessment, select the Free Range Assessment option below.

Note to Leader Level Assessors:  Assessors will need a Course Director to coach/moderate your first assessment to a satisfactory standard, select the Course Director option.

Course Director
To run an assessment at any level a course director is required. If you are running a Free Range Assessment and require a Course Director then select the Course Director option.

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