What Assessor do I need?


    An assessment outcome can be one of the following; Pass, Deferment or Re-sit. A Deferment is when a candidate is below the minimum standard in a few of the competencies, and these can be reassessed in less than one day at a later date. If you need an Assessor to reassess a deferment result, then select the Reassessment option.

    Revalidation supports the training and development of members, ensuring qualified instructors and guides are up to date and working to current accepted standards. There are a number of ways you can revalidate. If you need an Assessor that can run a Free Range Refresher Workshop, or do an Assessor sign-off then select the Revalidation option.

    NZOIA offers training courses for instructors and guides who are preparing for an assessment. If you need an Assessor that can run a discipline specific training event, then select the Training option.

    Free Range Assessment
    A Free Range Assessment is when the candidate/s liaise directly with a NZOIA Assessor. These are available for all Leader and Climbing Wall qualifications and endorsements.

    • For Leader Assessments select anyone except an Ass-L.
    • For Climbing Wall select Climbing Wall CD-1.
    • For Sport Climbing Endorsement select a Rock CD-1 or Ass-2 or CD-2.
    • For Multisport Kayak Endorsement select a CD-1.

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