Canyoning Technical Manual

    NZD45.00 each


    Main author and illustrations: Grant Prattley

    Conributing author: Daniel Clearwater

    The essential canyoning technical manual for aquatic canyons covering core canyoning practices. Recreational canyoners will find this manual very useful, especially those coming from other disciplines such as climbing, caving and kayaking. It will also be very useful for guiding and leading as, in addition to the core practices, group techniques are covered.

    A5 sized, 180 pages in full colour and 200+ drawings.

    The information contained in this manual is intended to supplement training and advice from experienced canyoners and guides. The techniques in this manual form a set of tools to safely descend canyons. When and how to apply the techniques is a matter of judgement. To appropriately manage risk, judgement is best gained through mentoring and training from an experienced canyoner or guide.


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